Spatial Source 10 April 2017

Welcome to the future: the spatial sector growth plan arrives

Released last week at Locate17, the 2026 Spatial Industry Transformation and Growth Agenda (2026 Agenda) represents a step change for the industry, and aims to act as a catalyst to maximise the innovation, productivity and competitiveness of the industry across Australia.

Collectively created by business, government, academia and spatial-user organisations, the 10-year Action Plan is underpinned by 34 transformational initiatives.

A rapidly changing technological and operating environment is creating unprecedented global opportunities for the spatial sector to generate additional value. This is especially relevant for the Australian spatial sector, which has a global competitive advantage in this area. However, failing to stay ahead of, or keep pace with, changes in technology, policy, governance, research and development and global investment in spatial capabilities puts the sector at risk of missing key growth opportunities.

In response, members of the spatial sector have collaborated on a 10 year strategic plan to grow and transform the Australian spatial industry. Following some nine months of consultation, the plan is now ready for implementation following its formal launch at Locate17 and available online for viewing…[READ MORE HERE}…

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