2019 Action Plan: Accelerating Change

In 2019 we are releasing an updated 2026Agenda Action Plan.

This update reflects the efforts of the many contributors over the past two years who have made a significant difference to the size, diversity and impact of the industry. It also frames the challenges before the industry in staying the course so that we can leverage ever greater value through a more systematic and collaborative approach to the laying down of the nationwide infrastructure and capabilities that we need.

The 2026Agenda is not an organisation, it is not a funding mechanism, nor does it exist in isolation. 2019 is the year for a refresh in the number and breadth of organisations and individuals willing to drive change through their organisations, stakeholders, clients and networks. We have exciting challenges ahead of us, and we want to take this opportunity to ask spatial businesses, academia, the research sector and government agencies to take a leadership role in implementing this plan.