Diversity and Inclusion

Why we need a plan

Achieving more diverse and inclusive workplaces is an important priority as the spatial and surveying sector prepares for the onset of the digital revolution in a fast-changing technology landscape with a tight pipeline of talent.

Thinking Differently About Difference: An action plan for boosting innovation and collaboration in the spatial sectors is a call to action. It outlines the current state of diversity in our sector, a compelling business case for more inclusive and diverse workplaces and what we can do individually, within our organisations and collectively across the sector to make an impact.

This action plan is not the final roadmap. It is the first iteration of the process and will be refined and improved continually with those who share this vision for change.

To start this conversation, we are seeking your feedback and ideas on the following areas:

  1. What other information would your organisation need to enable greater diversity and inclusion?
  2. How might we move this forward at a sector level? What challenges can we anticipate in implementation?
  3. What success stories do you have which can be shared to demonstrate practical ways to make progress?

And would love to capture your response through a short survey here



More than 30 leaders from government, industry and academia came together in March 2018 to form the Spatial and Surveying Diversity Leadership Network with the goal to leverage the reach and support of the network to support a more diverse and inclusive spatial and surveying industry. This aligns with the values and vision of the 2026Agenda.

Want to be part of the action?

If you want to be involved, please contact us at diversity@2026agenda.com.