Our Charter

We believe in challenging the status quo and bringing new solutions to old problems by creating a strong network of leaders and changemakers.

The Space, Spatial and Surveying Diversity Leadership Network (SSS-DLN) brings together leaders from business, government and education to provide visible advocacy for diversity and inclusion within the profession. It has a particular focus on promoting sector-level actions that support greater diversity and more inclusive workplaces and that grow the capabilities and skills of our sector for the future.

The SSS-DLN is open to industry professionals from the space, geospatial and surveying profession in Australia or New Zealand.

The network is governed by a committee of who volunteer their time to provide strategic leadership, coordination and advocacy for the network’s activities. The composition of the Conveners committee is intended to bring an appropriate mix of skills, experience and backgrounds to best serve the interests of the SSS-DLN. Conveners serve a two-year term that is staggered between members to ensure a smooth transition.  Sub-working groups are also used to progress specific actions and are chaired by a Convener.

The SSS-DLN meets three times a year, coinciding with events, to share data and experiences on diversity within their organisation and provide feedback and direction on the strategic priorities for the network. Its program of work is informed by Thinking differently about difference: An action plan for boosting innovation and collaboration in the Spatial Sectors through diversity and inclusion.