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NEWS UPDATE: 2026Agenda gets a boost from SPACE+SPATIAL Industry Growth Roadmap 2030

Over the past year the spatial and space industry sectors have been collaborating on the development of a ‘SPACE+SPATIAL Industry Growth Roadmap 2030’. These two industries have key interdependencies and great potential to work more closely together.

A Steering Committee has oversighted a consultation paper designed to elicit feedback from both industries on ways to increase the potential where these industries intersect. This draft paper may be downloaded or viewed online at https://2030spaceandspatial.com/.

Your feedback is most welcome.
The 2026Agenda plan and actions will be included where relevant in the Space+Spatial 2030 action plan and roadmap to be developed later in 2021.


The spatial sector is one of the key industry growth sectors in Australia with a global competitive advantage.

The forecasted global growth of 30% per annum in geoservices provides us with a great opportunity to be the leaders in the location intelligence arena.

The 2026Agenda initiative allows you to participate in a national action agenda to drive the future growth of the spatial industry, to coordinate efforts, and to deliver on the roadmap to transform the sector over the next decade.

Join us in the transformation, and help us lead the change to create the future of spatial in Australia.

Access the supporting documentation here.