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NEW Release: 2026Agenda – Accelerating Change (2019 Action Plan Update)

Released at Locate19, the 2019 Action Plan update reflects the efforts of the many contributors over the past two years who have made a significant difference to the size, diversity and impact of the industry, it frames the emerging challenges we face as an industry and the initiatives that we can leverage collaboratively to further grow and develop the capabilities that we need to reach greater value.


The spatial sector is one of the key industry growth sectors in Australia with a global competitive advantage.

The forecasted global growth of 30% per annum in geoservices provides us with a great opportunity to be the leaders in the location intelligence arena.

The 2026Agenda initiative allows you to participate in a national action agenda to drive the future growth of the spatial industry, to coordinate efforts, and to deliver on the roadmap to transform the sector over the next decade.

Join us in the transformation, and help us lead the change to create the future of spatial in Australia.

Access the supporting documentation here.