Thanks for taking an interest in increasing diversity and inclusion within our sectors.

The Inclusion@Work report can be found on the SSSDLN website.

Peak industry leaders have joined forces to establish a baseline for the state of diversity and inclusion across the space, spatial and surveying profession. The landmark sector-wide Inclusion@Work index provides rich insights to help us shape diversity and inclusion programs that are responsive to the needs of our changing workforce, and ultimately boost employee productivity and wellbeing. Over 1000 people participated in the inaugural study over a six-week period from 16 August to 20 September 2021.

The Inclusion@Work Index covers three broad areas: 

  1. The diversity demographics of respondents, compared to the ‘Australian workforce’ as derived from findings from a nationally representative survey of 3000 Australian workers. 
  2. Respondent’s experience of inclusion, broken down into diversity cohorts, business, government and academic groups and compared to the Australian workforce.
  3. The impact of inclusion on performance and wellbeing.

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